Shipwright 2013

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    The fourth edition of a new, full-colour annual focusing on all facets of ‘scratch-built’ model shipbuilding, as well as related articles on restoration, archaeology, historical research and marine art. Twenty articles describe, explain, inform and inspire, illustrated with modelmakers’ own photographs, archival plans, prints and artworks. The annual succeeds Model Shipwright, the quarterly […]

Great Trade Routes


From cargoes of semi-precious stones and metals to textiles, foodstuffs and luxury goods such as furs, silk and spices, this fascinating work examines the routes that were established to transport an astounding variety of lucrative goods, giving an expansive overview from the pre-classical period to the modern post-industrial age.

A Life on the Lines


This lavishly illustrated book sets Richard’s personal photographs and text alongside a carefully collated selection of ephemera, artworks and photographs drawn from the National Railway Museum, York. Collectively these images and artefacts tell the stories of the great brotherhood of railwaymen.

Doctor For Friend and Foe


Warship 2012


The Routemaster Pocket-Book

The Routemaster Pocket-Book

The Sea Painter’s World

The Sea Painter's world

By Geoff Hunt PPRSMA

This timely follow-up to The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt (2004) presents the considerable artistic output of Britain’s leading marine painter since 2003. This new volume is heavily illustrated with images ranging from large paintings to sketchbook drawings with text written by the artist himself.

Shipwright 2012


Edited by John Bowen & Martin Robson

Shipwright is Conway’s full-colour annual devoted to all aspects of scratch-built ship modelmaking as well as related articles on naval architecture, maritime history and marine art.

Twilight of the Gods


By David Stone

A new study of the structure, effectiveness and conduct of the German high command prior to and during World War II from acclaimed historian David Stone, author of Fighting for the Fatherland and Hitler’s Army.

Mountain Heroes

Mountain Heroes150

By Huw Lewis-Jones

A stunning account of pioneering modern photography and modern portraiture, with new commissions from leading photographers and alpinists alongside historic treasures from the world’s finest collections.

Featuring historic treasures from the world’s finest mountain collections, alongside the very best of modern imagery by veteran expeditioner Gordon Wiltsie, superlative climbing photographer Glen Denny, and exciting young alpinist Cory Richards, among many other contributors.

In Search of the South Pole


By Huw Lewis-Jones & Kari Herbert

On the centenary of the epic expeditions of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, this book traces our search for the South Pole, from the earliest encounters with Antarctica’s icy waters, through the Heroic Age to modern times. In addition to the words of Scott and Amundsen, vivid descriptions from the logbooks, journals and narratives of pioneers provide first-hand experiences of this enigmatic and unforgiving region. In our own times, there is commentary from modern explorers and travellers, writers and scientists, who explain what the South Pole means to them.

Hostilities Only


By Brian Lavery

An absorbing, well-researched social history from perhaps the pre- eminent historian of the Royal Navy, Brian Lavery. Hostilities Only tells the story of the training and lives of sailors, marines and WRENS enlisted during the Second World War and will appeal to genealogists, family historians, or indeed anyone interested in relations and ancestors who served in the wartime Royal Navy.

Quick Training For War


By Lieutenant General Sir Robert Baden-Powell

In this fascinating little book originally produced in 1914, Baden-Powell uses his extensive military experience and memories of service in Africa to distil soldiering down to ‘the four C-s’: Courage, Common sense, Cunning and Cheerfulness. Quick Training For War gives a unique insight into the mindset of the British officer at that time, advocating a training system founded on Edwardian values, conventional military thinking and centuries of army tradition. It became a bestseller among British troops.

The Titanic: A Passenger’s Guide


Compiled by John Blake FRIN

This guide is a timely addition to Conway’s best-selling pocket book series that examines this famous ship from a refreshingly different angle. The Titanic: A Passenger’s Guide is a unique look at all aspects of the ship, incorporating authentic period literature – from sources including White Star Line themselves, Harland & Wolff shipyards, the International Mercantile Marine Company (White Star Line’s owners) and important publications from the 1910s such as The Shipbuilder.

Able Seamen

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By Brian Lavery

Brian Lavery returns with the second volume of his engaging social history of the Royal Navy’s ‘lower deck’, exploring the world of the seamen (as opposed to the officers of the quarterdeck).

The Telescope


By Richard Dunn

An eye-opening history of the telescope, one of the world’s most significant scientific inventions, which broaches a wide range of related subjects – ships, the sea, exploration, science and the stars. Produced in association with the National Maritime Museum, the book showcases the Royal Observatory’s extensive collections of telescopes, scientific instruments and navigational aids.

The Captain’s Table


By Sarah Edington

This sumptuous book evokes the grandeur of the majestic ocean liners; part cookbook and part social history, it will appeal to foodies, all those with an interest in passenger ships, early twentieth century culture and more general readers. The Captain’s Table includes an excellent selection of period illustrations, with menu cards and other memorabilia from the National Maritime Museum archives.

The Racing Driver’s Pocket-Book


By Colin Goodwin

Relive the thrills of the early Grands Prix and great endurance races from the golden age of motorsport. The glamour and exhilaration of those days cannot be matched, ringing with the names of famous international marques: Bentley, MG, ERA and Aston Martin; Bugatti, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Auto Union and Alfa Romeo. Using extracts from contemporary race-reports along with expert advice on competitive driving and vintage advertisements, this new title takes a light-hearted look at motor racing from its earliest origins up to the beginnings of Formula 1.

The Railwayman’s Pocket-Book


Introduction by R H N Hardy

This fascinating pocket book draws on numerous primary sources from the early days of the rail network through to the Big Four, British Railways and beyond to present a unique guide to the knowledge and skills required for locomotive drivers, engineers and firemen.

Seamanship in the Age of Sail


By John Harland

Seamanship in the age of Sail is a modern, objective appraisal of the evidence, concerned with the actualities as much as the theory. The author’s facility in a remarkable range of languages has allowed him to study virtually every annual published over a period of nearly four centuries. This gives the book a completely international balance and allows the author to describe for the first time the proper historical development of seamanship among the major navies of the world.

Send a Gunboat (revised edition)

Send a Gunboat

By Antony Preston

Published in its original form 35 years ago, “Send a Gunboat” remains the standard reference on the remarkable story of the Victorian Royal Navy’s fleet of small warships, which enforced the Pax Britannica around the world for half a century.

Churchill Goes to War

Churchill Goes to war copy

By Brian Lavery

More than an account of Churchill’s momentous meetings with Roosevelt, Stalin and other leaders at the height of the Second World War, this book illuminates the practicalities of transporting a prime minister through dangerous skies and across hostile oceans in a time of global war.

Shipwright 2010

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By John Bowen

Conway are proud to introduce Shipwright, the first volume of the new international annual for ship modellers. The new format sees the introduction, for the first time, of full colour photography, a major step forward in presenting step-by-step building and construction guides for featured vessels.

Conway’s Battleships


By Ian Sturton

Fully updated and presented in colour throughout, this Conway Classic is a comprehensive study of the world’s capital ships from the emergence of Dreadnought in 1906 to the decommissioning of the last two of the US Iowa class – New Jersey and Winsconsin – scheduled for 2007/2008.

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